DWA is committed to designing and delivering strategies that regenerate places. Doug regularly works with a network of partners from a range of disciplines to investigate, evaluate, unpick measure and understand. Knowledge is increasingly the primary factor driving value generation, growth and changing the character of economic relationships. Doug’s specialist interests include town centres, community driven reuse of heritage buildingsmixed use and the property requirements of growth sectors like digital media, creative industries and low carbon technology.

The service portfolio is structured around four core areas:

Clarendon Framework1. Cities, Towns, Town Centres & Neighbourhoods: integrated place based regeneration strategies that include programmes and projects targeted at local economic development, mixed use, social inclusion, physical and environmental renewal that unlock the potential within local and regional economies.

2. Strategic property initiatives, feasibility studies, business case advice and research: on local regeneration projects that mix uses and activities, respond to the dynamics of growth sectors, low carbon and post-carbon technologies, the knowledge economy and compliment and not duplicate existing delivery arrangements.

3. Involvement & consultation: innovative approaches including design charrettes based on collaboration with clients and partners are fundamental to build capacity and ownership. A key principle is to embed and share learning with clients.

4. Programme design, project development and delivery: are key to effective, realistic and practical proposals for action.